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I am working on my 3rd novel. I was frustrated by how rarely I got a chance to write. I was always distracted by other work and life in general. I never seemed to have enough time to write and I often wasted time on things I didn’t care about. I love how the habit training is broken down into small learnable chunks. It’s simple to follow and easy to do.  I have now only missed 2 writing days in the last 78 days. My micro-goal was to write one line daily, but I’ve written ten of thousands of words since joining... 

Danny Scheinmann

With the juggle of work, family and life, I’ve been finding it really hard to stay consistent with an exercise routine. This is a brilliant, fun and interesting way to build lasting habit changes though a number of inspiring tools and accountability tracking. I particularly like the Tiny Easy Actions, visualising ‘Future Perfect’ and keep referring back to your ‘White Hot Why’. I am now consistently exercising. Highly recommend!

Judith Norton

I wasn’t able to participate in desired physical activity due to the pain caused by stiff joints and arthritis in my hips. Doctor told me I'm not a candidate for hip replacement surgery 'yet' and the fear of being immobile in my 'later' years. I love the tracking. It’s a simple but powerful tool to keep me on track, but it was the extremely thorough and practical explanation videos on building good habits that I keep with me every day. After only 30 days, I’ve improved my range of motion by 15%, and the pain has dramatically been reduced. Furthermore, I can apply this knowledge in other areas by really understanding how habits are built. I now floss my teeth every day (never did before), take cold showers every day and have lost 12 lbs.

Kenny Solway